Employment Law



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Ramit Mizrahi is available to mediate by Zoom and in person.

Ramit’s mediation practice focuses exclusively on employment law. She brings 18 years of employment law expertise—including as a trial lawyer—to the table. She prepares meticulously and delves into the issues of a case to help the parties work toward resolution.

Ramit understands that EQ (emotional intelligence) is as important as IQ. She is a compassionate, empathetic mediator who connects with both parties and their counsel. Ramit is tenacious on follow-up, and will persist until a resolution can be reached.

Her bio can be found here, and you can read more about her philosophy here.

Obtaining Dates and Booking Mediation

To inquire about Ramit’s mediation availability or fees, please email mediate@mizrahilaw.com.

To book a mediation date, email with the following information:

  • Party names;
  • Names and contact information for all counsel;
  • A brief description of the case, including claims alleged;
  • Whether the case is prelitigation or in litigation and, if the latter, case venue and number;
  • Whether the mediation will be held by Zoom or in person (and desired location, if in person);
  • Requested time frame for dates; and
  • Information on the agreed-upon fee split.


All parties must ensure that the appropriate decision makers, including any insurance representatives or other persons whose approval is necessary for resolution, are available to attend the mediation on the scheduled date unless we have made other arrangements. For Zoom mediations, be sure to use a private, distraction-free space.

Mediation briefs are due seven days before the mediation via email. Additional information about the briefs will be provided in the mediation scheduling letter.

Ramit conducts pre-mediation calls when she believes they will be fruitful, and will reach out to the parties upon receiving their mediation briefs.

Email mediate@mizrahilaw.com to inquire about Ramit’s mediation availability, fee schedule, or to book a date.