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We will be updating this page with mediation testimonials in the near future. In the meantime, we share testimonials from Ramit’s clients over the years, which reflect the traits that she brings to her mediations.

The following are a selection of client testimonials:

The best and brightest; strongly recommend.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an online review for a movie, product, service or professional that is literally perfect, and I feel grateful I got a chance to experience the same and participate in giving Ramit the best ratings across the board.

She is passionate and bright and makes a very tough process manageable, not based on spin, but through authentic, straight and yet highly personable approach.

I cannot recommend her more strongly, and am thankful for all she’s done for me.

Ramit Mizrahi did an excellent job on my case. She was quick to respond and consult. Ramit’s experience and analytical skills allowed us to resolve the matter quickly. I would highly recommend her.

A+ Attorney: Intelligence, Compassion, Professionalism & Phenomenal work ethic!

I cannot say enough good things about attorney Ramit Mizrahi. Ramit has an exceptional command of the law and an extremely thorough, comprehensive approach to analysis and resolution of legal issues.

As many others have noted, she really takes the time to “listen” and discuss all possible outcomes. Immediately after our first interaction I knew I was in the right place and in the best possible hands!

I quickly saw ‘why’ she was admitted to and graduated from the number one law school in the country: her invaluable insights, tremendous perseverance and superb representation led to achieving my desired outcome without even having to go to trial. Her compassion, diligence, work ethic and professionalism made her a joy to work with from start to finish.

In short, she was a stellar advocate who consistently went above and beyond my expectations and highly exceeded them at every level.

Again, I found Ramit Mizrahi to be an exceptional attorney of the very highest caliber and would highly recommend her to everyone seeking representation in her areas of expertise!

Let me save you some time- Ramit is the best.

I extensively researched and met with some of the best employment lawyers in Los Angeles re: my case. So let me save you some time- Ramit is the best.

She is the epitome of grit and grace. She takes on clients she feels strongly about, and it shows in the way she and the team care for you & fight for you. They leave no stoned left unturned and are committed to getting their clients the justice they deserve. The way Ramit crafts your case into precisely what you were struggling to find the words to describe is mind-blowing. Her compassion and strength exudes the second you speak to her, and you know that no one stands a chance against her.

I was confident from point A to point B that Mizrahi Law was the right choice. All my witnesses called to let me know how pleasant an experience they had speaking with them. Mizrahi Law is a passionate, highly accomplished, strong team that earned my trust the second I met them. I could not recommend Ramit & her team more.

Ramit listened to my case when others wouldn’t. She was very knowledgeable about specific niche laws that worked in my favor. She was respectful and thoughtful. In the end she was able to get me a settlement without going to court. I would definitely recommend her.

Best of the Best.

Ramit is kind, caring, compassionate and knows the law! She was super helpful in my case and even came in to meet with me for my initial consultation on a Sunday during a holiday weekend. Her commitment to her clients shows, she is thorough, communicative and works quickly for the best results. She was recommended to me by an attorney on the defense side – you know when someone she goes up against is recommending her, she must be great!

I hired and highly recommend Ramit Mizrahi. She has a winning combination of knowledge, passion, strategy, and empathy. She takes action and communicates updates promptly. Her professionalism is hard to beat. I’d give her 10 stars if I could!

The most compassionate attorney you will find.

From the first day I met Ramit, I could tell she cared. She was straight forward with whether she could help me or not, and ultimately I ended up hiring her because I felt like I could trust her. I am so happy that I did! She not only won my case through an undisclosed settlement outside of court, her and her staff were there for me every step of the way as I navigated the steps in standing up for my rights according to employment law. I was emotional due to what I endured at the company that terminated me and not once did I feel like Ramit’s team did not care. They supported me by always being friendly, responsive, and never rushing me off the phone if I had a question. Ultimately, they helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am now able to turn the page of my life and look forward to a bright future thanks to the help of Ramit’s team.

Ramit is a good human being. She puts her clients first and not once did I feel like she just wanted to make a quick buck from me. She truly wanted what was best for me and proved that throughout the entire time she represented me. I highly recommend Ramit to anyone that is seeking a honest attorney who will put their client’s interests first. Thanks, Ramit, to you and your team for a job well done!

We are truly blessed to have found Ramit Mizrahi. She over exceeded what I expected in my Settlement and representation. Truly made me feel comfortable and confident through out the whole process.

Ramit Mizrahi many acts of caring have restored our faith in kindness. Her exceptional organizational skills frequent updates, availability to answer questions, ease at setting up consultations, concern over covering even the smallest details, combined with her unending enthusiasm to help right a wrong make her unquestionably a great, great, lawyer.

I was wrongfully terminated in mid April 2017. After much debating and after consulting with a couple of law firms that I didn’t feel comfortable with, I was referred to Ramit (blessing from the sky). I found Ramit to be a totally committed, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. She explained everything clearly in a way where there was no room for any misunderstanding and even though the process was lengthy she was there for me all the way. I couldn’t have had a better lawyer fighting for my rights, when all was said and done things were settled in a civilized manner that was very fair to both parties.

Best Attorney & Most Professional.

Ramit is the best attorney I could’ve ever hired. From the first moment we met to the process of my discramantion case, she was so professional and very attentive. Anytime I had a question I can just email her and she would reply right away. She made the process so easy and made me feel so comfortable. She put my mind at peace when she explained the process and re-assured everything would be ok. I’m so glad I hired her over other attorney’s to represent me and knowing that I wasn’t alone made me feel so much better. I would definitely recommend her services. Thanks Ramit for being so professional & always responding to all my questions and concerns. You ROCK!!

Best experience with fantastic outcome.

Working with Ramit was a great decision. She is incredibly professional, knowledgable, and strategic. She draws on both her deep understanding of the law and her breadth of experiences to offer customized advice that makes sense. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. I can’t recommend her firm enough.

Someone you can count on.

I had a unfortunate incident happen to me with a former employer. As always it did not even cross my mind to seek an attorney. But a good friend of mine thought differently. So he referred me to Ramit Mizrahi. I called Ramit office to speak about what had happened. Thinking It would not go anywhere. After a few meetings with know pressure I hired Ramit to represent me.

It was a very hard time for me but every time I spoke to Ramit she somehow made me feel better about all the things falling apart around me. If I really needed to speak to Ramit she would always get back to me in a reasonable time frame. I think that is very important especially because of some of the things I was going through at the time.

I remember asking Ramit if she was intimidated by the team of attorney’s that some of these large companies had. Ramit just smiled and said all you need is one great attorney that knows the law to represent you and everything will work out in the end.

So if you are looking for an attorney that will look out for your best interest. That will answer your questions. That’s dose not get intimidated by a team of attorney’s or larg companies.

I would highly recommend Ramit Mizrahi.

One Amazing Lawyer!

Wow! What a top notch attorney, professional and big hearted fellow human being! Ramit was quick to analyze the case, confirm facts and get things moving quickly. She communicated every step of the way and always put my best interest in front of her own. Ramit is dedicated to doing the right, fair and ethical thing. She actually understands the stress of going through the tough stuff and shows compassion and empathy without sugar-coating. I always knew where I stood and she took time to explain legal options and strategize with me. Ramit has been a true blessing to my family. Highly Recommend Ramit.

As good as it gets.

Ramit was not only an incredible and extremely knowledgable lawyer, but acted as a friend, pseudo-therapist, and fierce ally to me during one of the most difficult experiences of my life. She works with efficiency, speed, and a take-no-prisioners attitude. Ramit provided me invaluable advice and guidance on my case every step of the way, and even called me from time to time with no other agenda other than to see how I was doing. Her representation made me feel in control of a situation where I felt completely deflated and small, and left me feeling inspired by how hard this woman fights for what she knows is right. He representation provided me with a better outcome that I ever could have expected and I will always be incredibly grateful for her hard work. I would hire Ramit again in a second and recommend others to do the same.

You won’t find a better, more caring attorney.

Ramit listened carefully to my claim, never judging, but always probing for key facts. As a result, it only took one letter from Ramit to swiftly resolve the issue 100% to my satisfaction. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Best experience.

It took me a long time to find someone who had the expertise to help me. She exceeded all expectations.

Couldn’t have done this without her.

Ramit and her firm were outstanding. I couldn’t have felt more supported. I really felt like I had someone working on behalf of my best interest and someone who took my concerns into consideration. She was professional, very communicative, transparent, and fair. Her knowledge was infinite and her strategies were well thought out.

Best employment attorney in LA.

I reached out to Ramit after a very extensive research for the best employment attorney, and I immidietly knew I made the right choice. Ramit is absolutely amazing.

Ramit was absolutely amazing. She was supportive and explained everything that was going on clearly. I hope no one finds themselves in a position where they need to be defended, but I would want Ramit on my side all over again. It was amazing to watch her in court. I am genuinely greatful for all that she has done and all her hard work.

A fantastic, compassionate lawyer!

Ramit was amazing in every sense of the word. From the moment that I hired her to deal with my wrongful termination/ pregnancy discrimination case, she was incredibly responsive and communicative. She would respond to phone calls and e-mails really quickly; yet while she was very efficient and professional, she was also incredibly compassionate and friendly. Ramit is very knowledgeable about the specifics of wrongful termination cases; she was also very good at explaining to me exactly what needs to be done on my part to help the case move forward. Ramit was also very good at communicating with my former company’s lawyer and at not antagonizing him but rather, disposing him to agree to mediation and the eventual settlement. Not surprisingly for her professionalism and the quality of her work, Ramit is also an excellent writer; she really did well in putting together the facts of my case into a coherent yet moving narrative of how I was wronged by my company. She was also great at asking me for clarification when needed. I really enjoyed meeting her and working with her and will undoubtedly recommend her to anyone seeking a lawyer for wrongful discrimination. A fantastic lawyer and an amazing person!

Professional, Compassionate, Effective!

I highly recommend Ramit Mizrahi to anyone who needs an employment attorney.

When I found Ramit through a referral, I was confused and distraught, uncertain about my legal standing and didn’t know what to do next. I interviewed three other attorneys during my search. They all seemed like a factory – barely listening to me, not asking questions, and in one case just recommending that we send a letter and see what happens.

Ramit listened. At the time I wondered if I was in the wrong, but after digging deep and asking great questions she reassured me that the situation didn’t sound right and gave me her preliminary take. Ramit outlined the entire process, next steps and what would be asked of me. She gave me the choice on how involved I wanted to be and then gave regular updates.

Most importantly, Ramit was my advocate – not just a professional for hire. She looked out for my interests and managed my expectations at every step along the way, balancing being reassuring with being realistic. Ramit’s expertise and years of experience were on display throughout the process. She spent time prepping me in a very detailed way when needed, especially for the deposition.

Because of the trust built over the entire engagement, I didn’t second guess the outcome. I’m confident that I got the best result and that all bases were covered.

Ramit Mizrahi – Amazing Lawyer.

Ramit represented me when I was wrongfully terminated by my employer. During initial meetings with her she was very empathetic and quickly devised a sound legal strategy. Throughout the process Ramit kept me up to date on the status of the case and was very responsive and thorough. Ramit did an outstanding job negotiating with the lawyers representing my former company and secured an excellent settlement. Ramit has tremendous legal credentials and experience. She is also one of the most ethical people I have dealt with. I strongly recommend her.

Ramit is an amazing lawyer.

Being let go for no good reason can be a traumatic life event. It happened to me. With a family to support and a kid in college, my world turned upside down overnight. A good friend referred me to Ramit. In a manner that felt both tremendously caring and professional, Ramit was quick to analyze my situation and provide me with the necessary advice to recover and negotiate. She secured me the space to breathe and take my next step. I came away from this experience with a new appreciation of lawyers — and another person I can admire for her passion and purpose. I highly recommend Ramit. If you are ever in the same boat, I wish you someone like Ramit to support, guide and help you.

A True Credit to Her Profession.

Ramit helped me walk through and renegotiate an exceptionally tricky separation agreement with a former employer. She did this with incredible poise and efficiency despite a seemingly overwhelming amount of information. We are not sure what we would have done without her to guide us and cannot recommend her services and person highly enough. Ramit helped me walk through and renegotiate an exceptionally tricky separation agreement with a former employer. She did this with incredible poise and efficiency despite a seemingly overwhelming amount of information. We are not sure what we would have done without her to guide us and cannot recommend her services and person highly enough.

My go-to for all employment matters.

Ramit is extremely knowledgeable about employment law and has been consistently recognized by her peers in the legal community (including me) as being the best of the best. I enjoy reading her articles summarizing the latest developments in the law, especially those concerning disability accommodations and pregnancy leave.

Her excellent command of the law is only surpassed by the stellar treatment of her clients. She is kind and compassionate while trying to realistically manage client expectations. She returns calls and emails in a timely manner and has fair rates.

I have and will continue to recommend Ramit to anyone enduring problems in the workplace. I can always count on Ramit to help craft a solution that is workable for all parties.

Professional & Excellent Employment Law Attorney.

Ms. Mizrahi helped me with my employment release contract. She was genuine and wonderful in taking the time to explain the contract ins & outs. She was caring and sensitive to my feelings through it all. That was awesome. I highly recommend Ms. Mizrahi for her big heart and for her credentials in the field of employment law.

Excellent Employment Attorney: Confidence, Quality and Professionalism.

Ramit Mizrahi is an excellent attorney and expert in the field of employment law.

I have a great deal of experience with corporate, personal and business attorneys – and Ramit Mizrahi is definitely in the top tier.

Ramit handled delicate matters and found mutually acceptable ground to land on for all parties involved. This is the best anyone can ask for in creating an agreement. Her knowledge of California and national labor law, policy and how it affects agreements is excellent.

I strongly suggest contacting Ramit should you need assistance, guidance or negotiating employment related issues.

A brilliant lawyer with a huge heart.

I was completely amazed by how caring, informed and responsive she is. She really is a gem and helped me through a really painful situation after my spending a year dealing with a far less caring and “together” attorney.

Excellent Employment Law Attorney!

As a fellow attorney, I cannot recommend Ramit highly enough! First, her client service is prompt, professional and friendly.

I was also quite impressed by Ramit’s knowledge of employment law and her expertise in disability leave laws in particular. Her passion for this area of the law is quite evident. Ramit has extensive litigation experience in employment law as well as having authored several publications on relevant issues in this arena.

I would hire Ramit to personally represent me in any and all employment matters. Her consultation is fast, thorough and she quickly gained my trust and respect.

Loved working with Ramit! She is compassionate, patient, thorough, very intelligent and responded in a timely manner whenever I had a question. I would certainly recommend Ramit who’s quite the subject matter expert in her specialty. Bottom line, she knows her stuff! I was happy with the outcome of my case.

Caring and knowledgeable attorney.

I didn’t know it was possible to have such a caring and compassionate attorney. From the moment I met Ramit Mizrahi she was was supportive and professional. She counseled me in areas I was not familiar with in regards to employment law and worked with me to get my case settled to my satisfaction out of court. I hope I never have to hire an employment attorney again but if I do there is no other attorney I would chose.

I would highly recommend Ramit, and have to several friends who are/have been in the same situation as I have. She always kept me updated on my case, always replied in a timely manner to my calls and emails. And most of all, she was very compassionate to my situation/case.

Ramit is highly intelligent, professional, articulate, and very knowledgeable of the law. In particular, her experience was helpful as we debated the pro’s and con’s of various courses of action. She thoroughly prepared me and walked me through step-by-step as the case proceeded. She was incredibly responsive and accessible even on almost a 24 x 7 basis. I was most impressed because even after the case was resolved she helped me through a couple of items that needed attention. I would highly recommend her without any reservation.

Goooooo Ramit!!!

Saying “Thank You” is truly not enough to express my gratitude for what Ramit has done for me. During the course of my lawsuit, Ramit kept me well informed on any changes in status and fought hard to win my case. I was especially blown away by her passion and expertise. Not only do I recommend Ramit for these reasons but also because, it is always satisfying to watch your enemies suffer and Ramit brought the pain indefinitely! Ramit is a very caring individual whose inner strength is much to be admired. If I had 10 thumbs I’d put them all up for Ramit!!

Mrs. Mizrahi was very helpful and very nice in dealing with me, regarding my case. She provided me with helpful and useful information. I recommend her to everyone interested in working with a trustworthy lawyer. Thank you so much.

Ramit is a passionate and compassionate advocate. She is very knowledgeable in the area of employment law. She not only represents her clients with a strength of conviction, but she also is very empathetic to her clients’ feelings.

Besides being a great attorney who cares she is a nice person.

Ramit’s power with the pen is the best sword ever! She listens attentively and interviews her clients thoroughly to collect the facts for crafting a winning argument. In my husband’s case, 100% satisfaction via a single letter.

Ramit and her team made me feel secure and confident. My meeting when Ramit went by quick and smooth. I was very nervous before meeting with her but afterward I feel like I had a partner and a friend in my struggle. The work she did for me was much faster than anticipated and very efficient. She was with me every step of the way. I am forever grateful to her and the team. I appreciate all of their hard work and support. I highly recommend Ramit to you!!! She is the best out there!

After 12 years of service with a Company, I was unjustly fired from my job. I felt very overwhelmed and hurt by the company’s decision. All the time I invested with the company was suddenly lost and I did know what my employment rights were. Once Ms. Mizrahi took over my case everything went very smoothly. She took very good care of my case. Ms. Mizrahi was available to answer questions and constantly kept me up-to-date with the case. She is very helpful, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. She handled my case with total professionalism. I’m very pleased with everything she did for me. She is awesome and did great work! My settlement was much more than I ever expected. I would recommend Mizrahi Law to everyone. She will be the first one I call if I ever need an employment attorney.

I couldn’t have asked for a better representative for my case. She was caring, communicative, strategic, transparent, and very dedicated. I always felt like she had my best interests at heart. I never felt like I was just one of many clients like some firms make you feel. She’s very personable. You hope to never have to be in a situation where you need someone to advocate for you and your rights but if you find yourself there, call Ramit. There aren’t more capable hands.

I am so incredibly grateful to have had Ramit Mizrahi as counsel during an incredibly challenging and difficult time for me. Her professionalism, quick response time on all matters, dedication to research & strength of experience were instrumental in our successful outcome. She was with me all the way and her strength was incredible.

Ramit Mizrahi has counseled me on many occasions. Her professionalism and understanding have helped guide me to the right decision every time. I am better off for knowing her. I am forever grateful to her and will seek her direction with every legal decision I have to make.

Ramit Mizrahi is my family’s go-to counsel for all our legal needs. She is professional, knowledgeable, kind, and considerate. She has never steered us wrong, and we will continue to trust her without reservation. You can stop looking; you’ve found the best attorney around!

I reached out to Ramit where I was desperate. She was exactly the person I needed to help me realize my rights and to fight for them! She knows her stuff! She is professional, personal, prompt and gets it done and fast!

I can’t thank her enough so I decided to leave this review to share how awesome she is!

Thank you so much Ramit for helping me!

Ramit’s advice comes with exceptional care and expertise. Her help has been a great comfort to me.

I found Ramit to be a totally committed, knowledgeable, compassionate and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer.

Sources: Avvo, Yelp, Google. These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.