As I argued last week in my blog post on CELA Voice, we’re spending more time telling women how to navigate around bias in the workplace than we are trying to fix it.

In the second post of the series, titled Organizations have the power to reduce unconscious bias, I explain how employers can reduce the effects of bias in their workplace. Many mistakenly believe that it would be too hard or take too long to truly reduce the effects of bias in the workplace. But there is plenty that can be done to create immediate change in workplaces.

Psychologists have found that a number of actions can reduce the effects of implicit biases in decision making. They include: blocking biasing information, raising people’s consciousness of their biases, ensuring that objective criteria are used whenever possible, giving the decision-maker adequate time and information, creating in-groups associations with traditionally stereotyped people, and integrating the work environment such that a critical mass of minority members are present. Each of these can be utilized in the workplace to make it less biased.

To find out more, read the post here.

Companies should “lean in” to stop biases. Here’s how they can. was last modified: May 1st, 2014 by Ramit Mizrahi
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